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Interviewing Skills 

  • Are you struggling to land on your dream job?
  • Have you spent $$$ on your job search, but still feel there is more to be done?
  • Are you a new graduate and have little knowledge about basic interviewing skills?
  • Are you aspiring to change careers but lack the confidence to start the interview process 
  • Are you feeling low self-esteem as you have the technical “know-how” but lack the means to         present yourself at it's best ?
  • Are you a junior HR or recruitment specialist who would like to know more tips and tricks               from the other side of the table?


Reaching the interview stage is a fantastic opportunity that you shouldn't let go easily. It’s a critical milestone that needs proper manoeuvring tactics and extensive preparations to bring you one step closer to receiving an offer and landing on your dream job. Remember, first impression always lasts and Catalyst Edge is capable of making this impression an unforgettable one!
Will teach you several smart techniques to break through the clutter, differentiate yourself, leave an unforgettable impression and outperform other candidates.
"Interviewing Smart Technique Fundamentals" is a 2-day face to face workshop designed to further sharpen your communication and negotiation capabilities, hence boost your interviewing skills and increase your chances to fulfill your dreams.
The aim of this extensive program is to demonstrate the most effective tips and tricks of listening effectively, gathering relevant information, synthesizing existing facts and then presenting yourself in the most professional way that could leave a positive impact on your interviewer.

The principles and strategies outlined in the course are simple yet smart with proven success amongst a wide range of professions. If you are a new graduate or changing jobs, you might be interested to attend this course and maximize your chances to win a job offer.
"Secrets from the Other Side" is an additional 1- day crash course for interviewers (junior HR personnel, recruitment specialists and hiring managers involved in the recruitment process) to learn all about basic and advanced interviewing skills for beginners 
and professionals; it also helps you make the correct recruitment choice that could save the company, not only thousands, but millions of $$$ in case one unsatisfactory recruitment choice has been placed (including opportunity loss cost). 

Cost for 2-day "Interviewing Smart Technique Fundamentals" is $380 CAD and for 1 day "Secrets from the Other Side"  is $275 CAD  
Time Frame:
  • Mid. - end of September (Exact date to be announced later)
  • Toronto/Oakville (Specific location to be announced later)
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