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Catalyst Edge MCQ course is more than just a content review, it's a fully comprehensive 'All in One' program, which presents, engages and simulates 'out of the box' case studies and interactive sessions that stimulate your thinking and fully prepare you for the big day.
Catalyst Edge offers a range of classes tailored to your individual needs. Measure your progress with invaluable performance feedback and Q&A sessions that help you reach your success goals more efficiently and effectively. 


Raise the Bar

  • Comprehensive course over 10 weeks
  • 12 hours of extensive learning per week
  • Involving therapeutic and non-therapeutic topics
  • ​Covering all pharmacy practice competencies developed by NAPRA and addressed by PEBC
  • Designed to utilize all effective tools for learning, which include presentations, workshops as well as post topic study questions and case studies

Time frame:
  • Mid of Feb to End of April
  • $1600 CAD
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Essential Boost

  • 4-day comprehensive MCQ review program addressing pharmacy management, professional practice issues and the Canadian health care system
  • Ideal course for those who are confident on therapeutics but lack both the resources and knowledge about non-therapeutic topics
  • The following competencies, as per PEBC new examination blueprint, will be covered
    • Ethical, Legal and Professional Responsibilities
    • Product Distribution
    • Professional Practice Setting and Regulations
    • Knowledge and Research Application
    • Intra and Inter-Professional Collaboration
    • Quality and Safety

Time frame:
  • Begining of April
  • $450 CAD
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The Quick Wins

  • 3-day intensive course for candidates who look for some smart ways for success
  • Involving 450+ challenging MCQ questions with discussion on why some answer choices are less appropriate/relevant than the best answer

Time frame:
  • Begining of May
  • $550 CAD
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Early Bird discounts
Raise The Bar: $100 CAD (valid till January 31 st, 2016)
The Quick Wins: $50 CAD (valid till March 31 st, 2016)
Combo Package
  • Raise The Bar + The Quick Wins
Regular Cost
​$2150 CAD
Combo Cost
​$1950 CAD
​$200 CAD
Any program cost is subject to sales tax as per corresponding Canadian provincial tax rate.
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