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Distance learning (online courses) available.
Catalyst Edge would like to thank everybody who  contributed to the accomplishments achieved with the 'Success Formula'  OSCE mock event that took place on Oct. 31 st in Mississauga.

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Good News! Catalyst Edge is running a unique tailor-made OSCE preparation course, "Do It Your Way" for small groups  who require individualized attention to specific skills, through condensed weekly sessions.
Orientation & Evaluation

The goal of this day is to help candidates get acquainted with OSCE, as a type of assessment of their clinical skills in pharmacy.

Orientation Session
Introductory presentations/workshops which focus on the following key pillars:
  • Reviewing the structure of typical OSCE stations
  • Acquiring strategies to create a winning action plan
  • Learning smart study techniques essential for success
  • Essential communication skills
  • Effective langauage of patient counselling
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluation Session
  • OSCE practical stations for the purpose of preliminary               performance evaluation
  • Verbal & written feedback on key outcomes of each case
  • Detailed verbal and written evaluation tailored for each            candidate according to his / her needs
Time Frame:
  • To be announced later
  • Toronto/Oakville
                   (Specific location to be        announced later)

Heading 3

Heading 3

Mid-Term Learning and Practice

The goal of this day is to help candidates learn the key fundamental skills required for professional OSCE mastering.

Learning Session
Comprehensive presentations/workshops covering the following topics:
  • CPS information optimization 
  • External references / CPS skimming and scanning
  • Model role plays performed by board members

Hands on OSCE Session
Timed role plays on different OSCE scenarios with respect to the following NAPRA core competencies: 
  • Patient Care 
  • Professional Collaboration and Team Work
  • Ethical, Legal and Professional Responsibilities
  • Drug, Therapeutic and Practice Information
  • Communication and Education
  • Drug Distribution
  • Management Knowledge and Skills
The above mentioned scenarios involve a wide range of therapeutic areas and p ost case discussions. Detailed customized feedback will be provided for each candidate on every single case.
Time Frame:
  • To be announced later
  • Toronto/Oakville
       (Specific location to be announced later)
Final OSCE Simulation

  • Exhausted of getting involved in too many mocks /rehearsal cases, but still feel there is more to be done ?
  • Uncertain and confused with too many cases you practiced throughout the past months, but still thinking you’re not ready yet?
  • Would like to have one final revision to wrap up everything - just before the big day - and couldn’t find a real quality place that can         offer  the best value for your money?
  • Need more enhanced 1 on 1 coaching and more time spent with you alone, and on specific issues that matter to you only?

If you answered ‘YES’ on 2 or more of the above questions, don’t hesitate to 
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The goal of these 2-day final sessions is to help candidates acquire essential last minute smart strategies as they approach the real OSCE, and provide opportunity for advanced level practice.
  Learning Sessions “Ask the Experts”
  • Fully solved vs. partially solved problems
  • OSCE common tricks and how to mitigate
  • OSCE big day and how to approach
Hands on OSCE Sessions
  • Timed role plays on different OSCE scenarios covering key NAPRA competencies and including extensive          number of cases with detailed individualized feedback.     
Time Frame:
  • Mid. - end of October (Exact date to be announced later)
  • Toronto/Oakville (Specific location to be announced later)
Disltance Learning
  • 6 online sessions of extensive learning and practice (3+ hours each)
  • 2 instructors per session and optimum group set-up (max. 5 candidates) to maximize support and feedback from instructors
  • 1 on 1 coaching for developing extra skills to optimize results and ensure individual tailor-made action plan
  • Extensive workshops, case studies and role-plays to stimulate thinking capabilities
Time Frame:
  • Mid. of September  - mid of October (Exact schedule to be announced later)
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